Soar To New Heights Through Energy Healing

Welcome to tried and true energy healing that works. Release the stress in your home . . . relieve the imbalance in your body . . . to gain natural, healing support for yourself and those you love. Enhance vitality, confidence, health and wealth to make a difference in your life and those around you. : )

Does something feel off at home or at work? Feel stressed inside? Or does it seem like something is holding you back? It may be an inner or external stressor -- or both, like it was for me.

Our surroundings affect us positively and negatively -- whether we recognize it consciously or not. People often think it's them, when in reality both external and internal factors are usually at play.

Harness Earth Energy Healing For Harmony and Support

Dowsing is an ancient technique to clear and transform energy. That is the outer aspect and it impacts physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Our environment — the energy in our home and surrounding property — has a 33.33% influence. You know the saying: as on the inside, so on the outside? As above, so below.

With energetic earth disruptions, as outside, so inside. That’s right: the stress around us generates stress in us. Hence the importance to address these issues.

Earth energy healing (dowsing) is a method to identify and fix stressed energy. It can then be used to activate positive, uplifting energy around us.

As we restore the natural rhythms of the earth, we create a symbiotic relationship. And . . . positive vortexes give us what we need at the time. They seem to divinely tune into our needs and supply us with what we truly need - not necessarily want. ; )

Energy Quote

Hear Directly From One Of My Guides:

By healing people's homes and the spaces people inhabit,
we are actually healing their connection to the earth.
We are enabling them: when they feel happy and
when the places they inhabit are in resonance with them,
it is easier for them to live out their soul purpose!!!

Heal Inside to Shine Outside

Making and consuming natural, probiotic-rich food (probifood) balances our microbiome and helps the trillions of good microbes to grow and multiply. This conscious choice to nourish with cultured (non-vinegar) fermented food fortifies the gut-brain connection to positively influence our physical, emotional and mental bodies from the inside.

As we balance our gut flora, we align and multiply our natural team of friendly troopers to protect us against negative influences and potential invaders. We release stress in our body and become stronger in and out! : )

Align In and Out to Contribute More and Prosper

We can influence the inner ecosystem of microorganisms in our body and . . . we can enhance the outer environment through our home (and garden). It’s a winning combination that leads to greater vitality, health and well-being, clarity, intuitive ideas and inspiration.

Imagine the possibilities of a reciprocal giving and receiving through energy healing:

  • we take care of the earth energy and it takes care of us
  • as we become surrounded with beneficial energy — and possibly activate the quantum field — it supports us internally to take more positive steps
  • we take care of our gut flora and our trillion friends take care of us
  • they protect us from harmful pathogens, nourish us and uplift us - body, mind and spirit

Alignment outside

Alignment inside


more likely alignment to our life purpose . . . to the beautiful being of light we are — the person our Soul knows we are. : )

Everything works together to create harmony in and out.

Your being Lao Tzu quotes

Does it mean life will be all sunshine and roses? Nope, life is about learning. We are here to learn lessons so there will still be ups and downs but . . . hopefully, the challenges will be smaller and fewer. Our reactions to adversity will likely be more calm, allowing for solutions to flow more readily. : )

Path to Light

When we feel good, we contribute more and make the world around us — local to global — a better place!

Join me on this journey of energy healing and harmonious well-being.

As a Certified Diamond Dowser, Inner Diamond Meditation Practitioner, Diamond Teacher, and ProbiFoods Instructor, I am here to help. : )

To your joyful well-being,


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