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Shirley is a Certified Diamond Dowser, Inner Diamond Meditation Practitioner, part of the Marie Diamond Team, Licensed Certified Diamond Teacher, Canadian Distributor of Marie Diamond products, Probiotic Foodie and Instructor.

Shirley began teaching while working in the corporate world. She has over 21 years experience in banking, starting out in Manager of Customer Service roles. Shirley was promoted to the Regional Head Office Operations Team and from there, gained valuable experience in various roles: from Fraud Investigator to Operations and Service Advisor for branch managers and Regional Vice Presidents, and lastly, a Trainer reporting into National Office.

During her corporate career, Shirley discovered her passion for teaching. She has created learning curriculums, developed and delivered numerous dynamic presentations, workshops and webinars to help team members learn easily and effectively. From financial services to energy work . . .

About Energy Experience

Shirley learned feng shui but continued to seek other solutions. When she studied with Marie Diamond and completed the Basic Diamond Dowsing Course in 2011, it resonated with her immediately. No wonder . . .

Dowsing is part of Shirley’s heritage! Her grandfather was a natural dowser who located water sources for people to drill wells. Although she learned of this after he passed, she feels his support guiding her.

After making Dowsing part of her business, Shirley continued to upgrade her skills. She has successfully completed the Advanced Level and Quantum Mastery Level of Dowsing. Shirley has also completed the Inner Diamond Meditation Course, Basic and Advanced Levels, resulting in being Certified as a Diamond Dowser by Marie Diamond in 2015.

Making Probiotic-Rich Food

Shirley continues to share what she has learned and test-driven herself to lift energy around and within. That’s how she became an Instructor for Making Probiotic Foods. She wanted to help others experience the inner balance and enhanced wellness!

Teaching how to make nourishing food and beverages that support and improve health and well-being is a joy for Shirley.

Growing up on a farm, she learned the value of eating natural, wholesome food that comes from the garden. She has also discovered the gut-brain connection and value healthy microbes play. By releasing stress from within, energy, clarity, intuitive ideas and inspiration are gained.

Change Quote

In 2015, Shirley became the proud ‘mom’ to her precious furbaby and has further witnessed the effect energy inside and outside has on pets.

Shirley knows when we feel good, we contribute more and make the world around us a better place.

Here's to feeling more joy! We are all born to shine . . . Because We Believe - as Andrea Bocelli soulfully sings . . .

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