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Get Marie Diamond’s Books to gain clarity and become more successful in all areas of your life. Identify your personal energy number — and those of your family. Transform your life by using the 24 quantum colours and principles Marie describes.

Marie shares activations and steps to take to create your best life. You are in charge of your universe and Marie guides you how to make the most of it.

Marie Diamond Paperbacks and E-Books

The Energy Number Book - Paperback or eBook (PDF)
By Marie Diamond

Paperback is 210 pages -- 30% off for a limited time
PDF download about 180 pages

In The Energy Number Book, Marie Diamond shares with you how to activate your Home and Office for Success and Abundance, based on your personal Birth Day.

Find your Energy Number and your Best Directions for Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom.
Marie explains the Soul journey for your Energy number and the best Professional Choices, Health Practices, Relationship Steps and Wisdom Rituals related to your Energy number.

You will also receive your best colours related to your Energy number and what famous people have your Energy Number. And as one of the best parts of the book, you will receive how to set up your personal Vision Board that can create 33% higher results in manifestation.

Transform Your Life - Paperback or eBook (PDF)
By Marie Diamond

Paperback is 208 pages -- 50% off for a limited time
PDF download about 200 pages

In Transform Your Life, Marie Diamond teaches you how to align your spiritual, human and earth luck so you can get the best results with your Law of Attraction.

She shares with you the 24 Transformational Principles to Maximize your Success, Abundance, Health, Romance and Wisdom in your life.

You will learn how to Transform your Life step by step by activating your home and finally manifesting the future you want.

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