Have A Dowser Facilitate Harmony And Opportunities For You

Restore, harmonize and increase energetic vibrations with the help of a Certified Dowser. Experience the enhanced support of your surroundings and see opportunities increase.

Dowsing has been around for thousands of years. It is most often related to finding water and minerals. It is so much more though! : )

In today's modern world, dowsing is a method often used to:

  • identify energetic disturbances and resolve them
  • discover positive energy sources and enhance energy levels
  • activate the quantum energy field
  • facilitate healing for individuals, pets and spaces
  • locate items such as water and minerals

My Grandpa was a natural dowser. He'd locate water for family, neighbours and friends to drill wells. It would have been wonderful to talk to him about it but I'm sure he's guiding me in my efforts. : )

Tune Into Earth Energy To Flourish

The land and buildings we occupy have energy. Everything is energy.

The earth is comprised of various energy lines, grids, meridians and vortexes. It automatically vibrates like we do - sometimes positive, sometimes not so positive. ; )

We are created to go with the flow of natural rhythms. When the earth is in harmony, we feel aligned.

When energy is disrupted, it affects us negatively. Common disturbances include:

Although this negativity isn't visible (to most people), an amount is present in every home and building. Construction, digging, adding electrical and technological cabling and boxes are examples of how we disturb the earth . . . so stop that, will you? Just kidding! ; )

Water beneath the earth, erosion and diverse soil conditions are natural elements that disrupt the flow of energy.

This home has a few stress lines, 1 negative vortex (purple) and 1 positive vortex (orange).

The cross-points of lines create strong surges -- some similar in strength to a negative vortex. Everything in and above the path of negativity will be impacted by the harmful vibrations.

Each space is unique -- some have a few stress lines whereas others have multiples of each type of disturbance.

The good news is . . . they can all be transformed!

Stress Lines

Some places are blessed with natural positive vortexes -- fields of energy that are wonderfully uplifting and greatly contribute to the supportive vibe of a home. And . . . negative vortexes may be turned into positive ones - yay! : )

Energy space clearing also plays a significant role. Density may be created from emotional or mental situations or spiritual entities. All are gently released, leaving the home or space feeling light -- as if a veil has been lifted. : )

How can you tell if you're surrounded by negative energy at home and at work?

Have you walked into a place and felt you could 'cut the tension with a knife'? Whereas other times, you could 'feel the love' -- like a warm embrace because the atmosphere was joyful - perhaps even inspirational?

That's the difference between density and lightness in the air -- the effect of earth energy -- and although most don't physically see it, we sense it.

Check this list of common symptoms of stress fields to see if they apply.
Learn about some situations clients have dealt with too.

Through Dowser, Release Stress to Increase Well-being & Opportunities

As a Certified Diamond Dowser, I use a tool -- dowsing rods -- to locate negative sources and change them. Positive results are evident in seconds . . . and continue to improve over time. : )

Local in-person and distance dowsing consultations are available. Both offer solutions to transform energy into the support you deserve.

Surround yourself with superb supportive energy and you'll find it positively affects your life in many ways. Living or working in harmonious, uplifting spaces helps us to align and expand the sweet spot of synergy. It becomes our new 'normal' and allows us to focus on new opportunities. : )

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