Prevent EMF Interference From Harming You

With expanding technology, EMF interference increases too. The key is to control what we can to give ourselves a boost.

We can live comfortably with the convenience and accessibility of today's technology in our environment. The tools are available so take heart and take charge! : )

Heed Effects Of EMF Interference To Improve Productivity

Wave technology is the primary source of interference:

  • cell phones/towers
  • power lines
  • radio towers
  • microwaves
  • satellite
  • wi-fi
Cell Phones

When outdoors -- out in the open -- the impact is low unless we're right next to one of these sources.

Unfortunately, when indoors, these frequencies have no escape . . . so the currents tap into us.

That feeling of being scattered? Being less productive? Maybe a little antsy or grumpy?

  • Those all may be side effects of being surrounded by these fractious elements.
Satellite Dish

Our natural strength tends to go down when in an electromagnetic field (EMF). Concentration, creativity, health, manifestation and relationships are also a few of the facets which may be impacted.

Don't let electromagnetic frequency interfere with your personal field of energy!

Seriously . . . because we each vibrate to the beat of our own drum, some of us are personally affected by some EMFs while others in the same space are not.


I've been in places where a handful of personal interference lines existed in several rooms. In other locations, not a one! Just as we are all unique, so is each space.

Control What You Can To Give Yourself A Boost

The answer to reducing electromagnetic interference is a two-part solution. First to our finger-tapping friends, make this change immediately:

1) Keep cell phones, tablets and laptops out of the bedroom. We need interference-free zones to sleep restfully and replenish.

Hmm, not buying into that? Ok, ok . . .

If the thought of having your precious EMF-emitting device in another room gives you palpitations and will hinder your sleep . . . then be sure to keep it at least 5 to 6 feet away from your bed. Your head and heart are the most important parts of your body to protect.

Placing a cell on a nightstand is typically too close for good health. Put your cell phone (tablet/laptop) a body length's distance away from you in bed. YOU are more important than it is! : )

2) Get your space dowsed to get rid of EMF interference. It really is an effective solution to keep the vibrations positive and supporting you.

These interference lines are checked on a room-by-room basis, on each floor level. Transformer sticks are placed along perimeter walls to halt the flow of negative frequency.

Get into the groove with peaceful vibrations. Stay strong and sway to the harmonic pulse of supportive energy. : )

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