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Energy Lift Events

Attend upcoming events to learn how to transform your energy, become inspired and lift your energy.

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Healing Your Life With Marie Diamond

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Inner Diamond Meditation Basic Class

Discover how to connect to the Quantum Field and 24 light frequencies of the Inner Diamond. Open to the Law of Attraction more and manifest your goals easier.

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How’s Your Light — Shining or Eclipsed?

A solar eclipse like we just experienced happens every 20 years. Otherwise, the sun is there for us — full of beautiful light — every day. Sure some days it is covered by clouds but isn’t that like life?

No matter how positive we are, some days there’s a little ‘cloud cover’ on our thoughts, emotions and perhaps our physical well-being. It gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on all the blessings we do have though and . . . in short order, we see the sunshine again!

Take a moment to think about your life. How do you feel?

Do you feel good? Supported and in alignment with where you’re headed?

Or are you feeling eclipsed inside more often than not? Are you feeling drained and stressed, and on the hamster wheel with no relief in sight?

Support is available. You can take back your power. Start with simple things:

  • take a walk outside — preferably in nature so you can hear the sounds of nature, rather than the sounds of cars and trucks
  • focus on your gut — your intuition — to guide you
  • recognize there is support in a number of forms . . . one of which is through the environment around you.

If you’re not ‘feeling the love’ from your home, consider an energy transformation to release stressed energy and clear the density. Feel free to ask questions — I’ll gladly answer them and offer options to fit your needs. : )