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Marie Diamond Candles

Hand poured and 100% natural, made with soy, high-quality ingredients and cotton wicks. Marie Diamond Candles are a luxury to enjoy.

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Energy Lift Events

Attend upcoming events to learn how to transform your energy, become inspired and lift your energy.

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Diamond Dowsing Basic Class

Learn how to connect to the quantum field and determine the energy for your home and office. In Diamond Dowsing Basic, you will learn how to detect negative energy and transform it.

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Inner Diamond Meditation Basic Class

Discover how to connect to the Quantum Field and 24 light frequencies of the Inner Diamond. Open to the Law of Attraction more and manifest your goals easier.

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Marie Diamond Books

Learn from a Master. Marie Diamond is an international best-selling author. Read Marie’s Books and transform your life.

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Marie Diamond Shop Canada

Purchase products created by Marie Diamond. Shop in Canadian prices and enlighten yourself.

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