Invest In An Energy Transformation To Foster Opportunities

Transform your space to enrich your life. Get an energy transformation -- it's empowering and worth it, considering earth energy has a 33.33% influence on us. : )

Every building - home, office or business - has disruptions to the positive flow and support. Having your space dowsed to resolve stress lines and negative vortexes will shift the energy in seconds. It starts that fast and continues to get better!

Improve Positive Energy To Receive More

Feedback from clients reveals common positive results that tend to become the new 'normal' over time. We generally gravitate to the positive. : )

Benefits For Home
Benefits For Work

Energy transformation consultations (in-person and distance) include:

  • assessment of the current energy level
  • identification of negative energy disturbances
  • transformation of disturbances to neutral and/or positive energy
  • identification of any positive vortexes
  • dowsing transformer sticks
  • space clearing within the building

Cost is determined based on size of space and needs. Packages are available for:

  • 1 bedroom or 1 office
  • 1-2 bedroom home or apartment
  • 3-4 bedroom home or apartment
  • workplace / business
  • energy space clearing

Dowsing sticks are generally placed on the lowest level, along perimeter walls except for negative vortexes -- these are neutralized or converted where the centre is located. Solutions stay in effect for as long as they are in place and there aren't any other disturbances.

Distance dowsing consultations involve an assessment based on your floor plan (hand-drawn is fine), mailing the diagram with corresponding transformer sticks, and then connecting via telephone to further guide you where to place them. You are supported throughout the transformation and get to enjoy positive energy shifts too! : )

Tune Into Energy Transformation . . .

. . . As an Instrument of Peace.

As sung by The Tenors, the sentiment sums up how I feel when healing energy. I often sing along -- when no one's around of course -- and change the last verse a bit.

See the lyrics on the right and let the soothing sound vibrate through you. : )

Plus hear from clients following a dowsing consultation:

  • I had to tell you right away what a difference I feel already! I had the best sleep in my own house in as long as I can remember!

  • I could feel the energy lifting. I was relieved to find my room felt light, airy, peaceful and very welcoming.

  • I no longer feel drained at the end of the day. Customers are more positive too.

Make It Easier To Get What You Want

To receive more details about a potential energy consultation, complete the form below. Please ensure your email address is correct if you would actually like a response. ; )

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All information provided is confidential and used only for the purpose intended.

Together, let's do it! We'll increase the positivity and it will reward you. : )

Energy begins to shift within 3 seconds and continues to transform throughout the process and beyond. The energy level will be measured at the end of the consultation -- showing how much of a change has already occurred. It will continue to get better! : )

Here's to you welcoming new opportunities!!!

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