Praise Positive Energy Vortex Opportunities

Tune into the power of a positive energy vortex to experience the gift that keeps on giving. Be part of a continuous, reciprocal loop -- a magical cycle of inspired thought and action! Enjoy the resulting benefits of receptivity, collaboration, harmony and innovative solutions.

These amazing fields of wonderfully uplifting vibrations support us with active energy. They seem to give us exactly what we need -- when we need it. : )

Increase Fortunate Energy To Inspire Positive Action

An energy vortex is a spiral of upward flowing energy created by intersecting ley lines -- the earth's meridians. Knowing where they are located gives us an opportunity to transform negative vortexes and experience the exceptional energetic support of positive ones.

Positive Vortex Graphic

Positive vortexes are gathering places. We naturally love to be in and around a positive aura field:

  • we gravitate to it
  • birds sing more
  • animals chatter
  • people tend to joyfully talk, laugh and meditate in these areas

The clockwise, upward flow of energy is reflected in the cumulative goodness -- a virtual path between heaven and earth. : )

You know how to tell if there's a positive vortex (or more) in your home or workplace? Where do people gather? Where do dogs love to be? Positive energy fields are fun!

Follow Energy Vortex Wisdom To Achieve Greatness Today

In the past, leaders would often seek cross-points of ley lines as they used to be all positive. Important areas for gatherings were highly prized by those who were aware of the powerful positive energy.

Salisbury Cathedral

Buildings were constructed based on the location of the earth's meridians. Dowsers were hired to identify ley lines and the 90-degree cross-points would become the basis for developing the layout.

This image of Salisbury Cathedral in England shows the 2 converging lines.

Follow the rooftop and see the cross-point with the central spire -- and gathering place -- reflecting the positive vortex location!

Lake Louise

Lake Louise in Banff is noted as a positive energy vortex.

Other famous ones are found at Stonehenge in England and in Sedona, Arizona.

More exist and the best part?

We have positive vortexes too! Right under us!

No kidding . . . they're in many of our homes, businesses and offices!

It's fortunate to find one positive vortex -- not every place has one. To have more than one is like manna from heaven. If a positive one isn't present, one created by transforming a negative vortex is most welcome too! : )

To increase the energy level and sphere of a positive vortex, place a clear quartz crystal on its centre. Be mindful in bedrooms. Follow the guidance of a trained dowser as having our head directly on the centre is not wise. Sleeping in a positive aura field is beneficial though. : )

Discover what it feels like to receive and reciprocate . . . reach new heights . . . facilitate golden opportunities! Everyone is rewarded. : )

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