Use Energy Rings to Connect to Light and Quantum Field

Benefit from the quantum field of light through a Diamond Energy Ring. The rings are activated with a vibrational frequency to create more light and uplifting energy, where they are placed — under you or in your home, office or vehicle.

The sizes are based on ancient Eqyptian knowledge of cubit measurement. Each ring has an aura field that extends beyond the physical ring. The larger the ring, the larger the aura field.

Support yourself, your space and all within it. Use these rings to uplift yourself and those around you in any room or vehicle — anywhere you would like.

Diamond Quantum Energy Rings

Created by Marie Diamond, Made in the USA

Every ring is handcrafted, made with heavy 10 gauge pure copper, and activated to create a connection to the quantum field.

Large Quantum Ring

Circumference is 3 1/2 cubits, which gives the large ring a diameter of just under 24 inches.
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Medium Quantum Ring

Circumference is 2 cubits, giving the medium ring a diameter of just under 13 inches.
Excluding shipping/handling and taxes

Use these rings for support in any room or vehicle — anywhere you like. Get the free Energy Ring eBook to learn more about the rings and how they may be used.

For Diamond Ascension and Descension Rings, contact Shirley for more information.

Energy Lift is the only Canadian Distributor of Marie Diamond products. Thank you for your business.

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