Reduce Geopathic Stress To Improve Your Energy

Clear up geopathic stress in your surroundings and you'll give yourself the gift of less personal stress - plus more. It takes seconds to neutralize the negative zones and it is so worth it.

Geopathic disturbances are pathways of strong negative energy. They are formed when there's a break in the earth's natural vibrations due to:

  • water beneath the land - on which a home or building sits, children play, adults interact and plants grow
  • erosion, floods, earthquakes
  • different earth density such as clay and sand beside each other

Running underground water is the strongest geopathic zone. It can be flowing a few hundred feet or even up to a couple miles below. The impact is felt and increases over time.

Review Unfortunate Effects Of Geopathic Stress

Our bodies let us know they are on the receiving end of this unhealthy energy through:

  • restless sleep -- or non-existent rejuvenating sleep
  • recurring illness
  • inability to concentrate -- for learning, problem solving, decision making
  • irritability in relationships -- especially in certain areas

If we sleep or regularly work on a geopathic disturbance, undesirable conditions may develop over time.

And if the stress lines intersect at a spot on our body, the cross-point is the most intense harmful location.

It may take years for issues to surface but . . . children or adults with weaker immune systems will feel the negative impact sooner. Those who are energetically responsive may sense the effect much earlier.

Relationship-wise, geopathic stress running between people at home or work causes tension and disruptive behaviour. It may lead to people walking away from the area and in doing so, from an unresolved dispute.

Other indicators of this stressed energy include:

  • cracks in walls, floors, sidewalks, steps (aside from construction concerns)
  • plant growth differentiation - trees, shrubs or flowers noticeably smaller or less robust than others
  • dogs avoiding the area -- watch and listen to Fido! : )

Resolve Stress Around You To Feel Better

Aches, illness, poor sleep, trouble getting along, and lack of focus may be the outcome of powerful negative energy under and around you. Get rid of it and notice positive changes!

Line Running Between

Consider where unfavourable situations arise.

In this example, a couple may turn away from each other over time due to the invisible stress running between them in bed.

Also, if you've recently moved into a new space, have ailments increased? Has the closeness in your relationship gone down? It may be a result of the earth energy. Solve the environmental issue and enjoy more. : )

A trained dowser locates geopathic stress and neutralizes it with specially infused transformer sticks. The remedies take effect right away - yay! : )

Babies, younger children and pets react positively within seconds. Some adults find they sleep better immediately or a pain they usually wake up with is no longer there. For prolonged issues, the body can now focus on healing efforts rather than fighting the negativity.

Plants benefit immediately as well and growth will become visible as they are nourished more.

Listen to your body. Pay attention to your surroundings. Take steps to resolve stressed energy -- you'll be glad you did. : )

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