Nix Negative Hartmann And Curry Lines To Increase Harmony

Our wonderful planet has an electromagnetic grid made of Hartmann and Curry Lines. These fields of energy are harmless when running naturally. But when something disrupts the natural flow, they turn on us. : (

That something is what most of us use daily: electricity. When electrical currents run on a Hartmann or Curry Line, the polarity changes -- it becomes negative. Although we do not see 'sparks flying', we feel the stress -- usually unknowingly. It's up to us to make it a neutral playing field. : )

Hartmann And Curry Lines

Hartmann lines naturally run North to South and East to West.
Curry lines run Southeast to Northwest and Northeast to Southwest.

A medical doctor, Dr. Ernst Hartmann, was the first to describe the electromagnetic fields of the major poles (N to S, E to W) after World War II and the start of electricity.

A scientist, Dr. Manfred Curry, discovered the sub-pole lines (SE to NW, NE to SW) -- these are wider apart than Hartmann lines.

Be Aware Of Negative Sources To Reduce Friction

No worries when outdoors. But indoors, when electrical outlets and panel boxes turn these energy lines negative, we react to the stress effects.

When 2 electrical outlets are directly opposite each other, polarity may also turn negative. The grid lines flow uni-directionally so when man-made power interferes, it may cause opposing forces.

The larger the electrical source, the stronger the negative current:

  • a clock radio plugged into an outlet that hits a Hartmann or Curry line is weaker than a large-screen TV
  • an electrical panel box is a stronger influence
  • output from outdoor transformers trumps all the above!
Outdoor Transformer

Intersecting negative Hartmann and Curry lines are stronger too and . . . if a large transformer is above a point of intersecting lines, an entire neighbourhood may be disoriented.

A couple worked well together and achieved many positive things together. Yet in the house -- more specifically, their bedroom -- they fought a lot. They pushed each other's negative buttons and lacked the intimacy and closeness marriages benefit from.

There were 3 negative Hartmann lines in their bedroom. One ran right down the middle of their bed -- right between them! Another crossed halfway down. : (

While it's wonderful to have sparks flying in a relationship when they are fun and positive, it's painful when friction causes disharmony and unnecessary hurt. Thankfully, there's a solution!

Neutralize Negative Polarity To Increase Positivity

Negativity in the space we occupy at home or at work increases the negativity we encounter in various situations. Unless the negative charges in the area are diffused, the detrimental effect will increase over time.

To reduce the vibrational impact of stressed energy, unplug small appliances and electronic devices when not in use. It will save energy and lower the degree of negativity from outlets on Hartmann and Curry lines.

Reduce friction by having your space dowsed. Negative polarity will be successfully neutralized so the flow of energy will once again be supportive. : )

Keep the negative sparks out. Bring on the positive ones! ; )

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