Improve Opportunities Through Negative Vortex Elimination

Curtail a negative vortex and experience a significant positive shift. Neutralize it or convert it to positive energy and all will flourish. The vibrational change is felt immediately and the positive results continue to grow over time. : )

The single most influential energy disturbance is a vortex of dark and dense negativity. Usually created when the earth's ley lines cross at non-90-degree angles, these strong sources of negative energy impact everyone and everything in their field.

These vortexes spiral down, going counter-clockwise. They cause us stress and take us to undesirable places mentally and emotionally -- they pull us down. : (

Negative Vortex

Stop The Negative Vortex To Improve The Positive

Most disruptive vortexes are turned into positive ones. However, depending on the amount of vortexes in a space or the location, it may be beneficial to simply neutralize the negative.

For example, if the centre of the vortex is where someone's head lays on a pillow, it's best to neutralize. Even though positive vortexes are exceptionally helpful, they may be too active for restful sleep.

Pay attention to changes. When someone moves into a new space and their outlook, health or well-being changes for the worse, they may be spending a lot of time in the aura field of a negative vortex.

Children, in particular, may develop behavioural or learning issues. The younger they are, the more severe the impact.

The detrimental effect accumulates over time -- the longer someone spends in a negative vortex, the harsher the ramifications. The good news is these energy fields can be neutralized or transformed into positive sources in mere seconds. : )

Feel The Energy Shift To Improve Success

The vibration changes right away -- in the sphere of influence, the room it's in and . . . the entire home's energy level will increase! That's how powerful they are and how powerful dowsing is as a solution!

Time and again, transforming these stress fields proves to be beneficial. To get rid of this energy disturbance, an energy ring or 2 cure sticks are secured in place.

Support your health and well-being on all levels: get harmful vortexes transformed in your home and workplace. They are the most important energy disruption to rectify so let's do it! ; )

Fun Find : )

Cats, evergreens and willow trees are natural transformers of unfavourable vortexes. These trees will grow well in the space while other trees and plants will not.


Our feline friends are special creatures placed on this earth to reduce the negative energy around us! Cats will often sit on an adverse vortex for a while, then shake and lick themselves off. They do this to help us.

And speaking from experience, these furry little wonders share the love when they no longer have to do this job. Imagine how good it feels when our work is done . . . our cuddly pets know a good thing too. : )

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