Fuel with ProbiFoods to Boost Well-being

Did you know probifoods can be nutritious and delicious? Even better: when we make them at home, they are loaded with many more strains of beneficial gut bacteria — the good guys we want to have inside us. Yay!

These foods are rich with probiotics and healthy yeasts that support a balanced, healthy flora in our gut.

Healthy gut = healthy, happy human.

Probi is my shortened version of probiotic and from there, it seemed natural to combine the 2 words. See how well creativity can improve after consuming these gems? ; )

Same with our fur family! : )

  • We truly are what we eat.
  • We are the microbes we eat.
  • We have 10x the amount of bacterial cells than human cells.
  • We have more microbes in the gut alone than cells in our whole body!

Consume ProbiFoods to Increase Microbiome Health

We started as bacteria and are 99% microbial. Consider how we got here to see why probiotic food is important today. Just as it was in the beginning . . . right from birth.

The state of our gut influences the rest of our body, mind and spirit. Yep, gut function impacts brain function and more. So much attention has been placed on the bacteria outside of us and finally, we’re seeing more focus on the bacteria inside.

There are a 100 trillion — that’s right: 100 trillion microbes ready to be our friends.

So let’s get the good guys working more for us by feeding them probiotic-rich food. They want to . . . they are meant to be our superpowers of health and wellness. Imagine having:

  • an immune system that is a superpower of strength
  • more energy and vitality
  • a better mood, outlook and creativity
  • less allergies
  • less anxiety
  • better digestion
  • less inflammation and resulting auto-immune diseases

These benefits are available to us through our microbiome — the microbiota that make up our intestinal tract . . . our gut.

Boost Your Good Bacteria to Succeed

We eat everyday. Why not add a little kefir, probiotic vegetables and kombucha to our daily intake? Small amounts of cultured food makes a huge difference.

Science is taking notice of probiotics on immune system health. Probiotic food is stronger and better than supplements so take control of your microbiome — make it a superpower of strength and positivity for you!

To better health for all,


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