Change Your Stress Field To Increase Success

Become stronger, more creative and inspired by transforming a stress field to a supportive space for you and yours. Enhance your health and well-being. Welcome the positive flow of energy.

The longer we are in negative energy, the more we feel it. People tend to disregard their body's subtle messages and signs - partly because a physical source is not visible.

A number of years ago, I was in a new home and something didn't feel right - especially in one room. I couldn't stay put; had to get out every 1-2 hours. I could work in other areas of the house but the home office wasn't really doing it for me.

After learning about energetic disturbances, I discovered and transformed them. The difference was amazing and the best part: it was an immediate shift! : )

When surrounded by energetic stress, it's not like we physically feel something prodding us. That's why it's often missed as a potential cause for unexplainable physical, mental or emotional situations.

Consider Symptoms of Stress Fields

How many of the following apply to you or someone you care about?

  • avoiding certain areas
  • taking hours to fall asleep
  • restless sleep
  • waking up with aches: head, stomach or other body parts
  • no appetite - possibly nauseous upon getting up
  • leaving the bed or falling out of it
  • anxiety, despondency, fatigue or nervousness
  • difficulty concentrating
  • receiving treatment that doesn't seem to be working

Invest in a consultation if any of the symptoms exist - and especially if more than one does.

Tension, behaviour and issues that don't make sense are indicators of environmental stresses. They can be changed though. : )

Benefit From Client Experiences

A child seldom slept well -- often woke up tired and found it difficult to focus in school. She often had colds and ear infections. She rarely stayed in her room for any length of time.

This young girl was sleeping on a negative vortex -- her upper body was on the centre of it! Once fixed, she enjoyed her bedroom much more and the best part:  she slept and felt better! Less illnesses too! Dowsing to the rescue - yay!

Child Bedroom

Children are most susceptible to negative energy. They are still building their immune systems -- and have less resistance. Thankfully, children are innocent of the 'no pain, no gain' philosophy some go by and therefore, react to the stress field -- although they may not know why. They simply don't want to be there and let us know by leaving . . . or if a baby in a crib, by crying to get our attention.

The younger children are when exposed to energetic disturbances, the more impact - and the longer the imprint may stick with them.

A client who lived a healthy lifestyle was starting to feel more pain on a regular basis. During the dowsing consultation, 6 negative vortexes, 6 geopathic stress lines, several negative Hartmann and Curry Lines and interference lines were discovered.

Some of the negative vortexes and geopathic stress lines were concentrated in the bedroom. No wonder she was feeling pain!

Blood tests showed she was nutrient deficient! While scientifically unproven, I have no doubt the stressed energy around her was affecting her body's ability to absorb vital nutrients. Even though she consumed them, her body was fighting stress first.

Rather than being in an energetic battle zone, sleep became a much-needed opportunity for rest and rejuvenation after dowsing. Yay! : )

One of the most immediate results is better sleep. A number of clients have been so pleased to have slept noticeably better on the day the dowsing has been completed. It can be that fast!

Choose Positive Energy To Thrive

Happy Outside Inside

Our surroundings definitely impact us. As within, so out-with -- yep, a new term from my brainwave.
See how creative you become? Ha ha . . . It's another way of saying: as on the inside, so on the outside.

Energetically though, it works both ways: happy outside, happy inside.

Enhance the exterior stress field and the interior benefits. : )

The more harmonious and aligned individuals in a home -- or a group of employees in a business -- are, the more positivity they will contribute . . . through their creativity, innovation, inspired action, service to others and so on. Their behaviour will affect others and the process continues . . . with more sparkling gems uncovered and shining brighter along the way. : )

Be part of the solution. Feel the peace of mind, body and soul. Recharge and rise higher. : )

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